Painting. Drawing. Sculpture. Ceramics. Mixed Media 3D. Mixed Media 2D. Installation Works. Photography. Paintography. Minimalism. Abstracts. Humor



One only has to observe artist John Carroll Long at work  to realize that this artist is able to transform his six decades of insatiable curiosity into artifacts that “nail it” when is comes to expressing attributes of human nature. His artworks, being vast and various in medium and method are frequently poignant and humorous, silly and severe in an often bizarre but unique simultaneity.

Seen as twelve artists in “one”, John Carroll Long, commands an artist’s nearly complete repertoire of techniques and media, allowing his fearless intertwining of modes to defy tradition and conjure up material collaborations that go ahead of the times and yet are understood in our time. Tirelessly cognizant of what is new in social, political, scientific, spiritual and political realms, this is an artist who reads ravenously, listens to the “latest” in music, is never without sketch paper. Moment by moment he employs an unusual personal discipline that brings summary to his broad array of daily findings. These remarkably succinct and witty morsels are the kernels of what oftentimes become masterworks of ingenuity and connective power.